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Cheapest Business Gas & Electricity


With us you'll keep your energy expense down (and never miss the end of your contract) We’ve helped thousands of companies to switch their business energy contract. Our simple switching service can save your business an average of 40% on energy bills. To make the deal even sweeter, if you enter your details, we'll make sure that you aren't automatically rolled over onto a more expensive tariff when your existing contract ends.

We know there is a better way. The Cheap Utility Way!

How many gas suppliers are there in your area?
Which one offers the best value for money, and which has the best plan for you?

The only way you can answer these questions is by running a gas evaluation.

Comparing cheap gas suppliers in your area is easy to do and just takes a few minutes. To start, just tell us two things: where you live and how much energy you use.

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Compare Business Gas


Cheap Utility would like to prevent your business from overpaying gas and electricity suppliers. You could be saving an average of 40% (£1,183)!


I'm delighted with the service levels and pricing with your company compared to others I've been with!

J. Cowie

Cheap Business Gas and Electricity

Our Suppliers

British Gas CNG Crown Gas Power Cheap Dual Energy cheap EDF Energy Cheap EON Extra Energy hudson Energy Cheap Npower Energy Opus Energy ovo Energy Scottish Power SSE New Yorkshire Gas and Power