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Decrease the temperature of your water cylinder



For a quarter of your house ‘s total energy use, water heating accounts in an average house. By lowering the temperature in your water cylinder to 60degC, your water heating bill could be reduced by 5%.

Steps :-

It is not difficult to reduce the temperature of the water in the cylinder:

1-Adjust the hot water cylinder thermostat.

Cylinders are generally preset to 65degC, but 60degC water is not cold enough for household jobs and kills any bacterial growth in the conduits.

2-Examine the water temperature.

Wait a day to allow the cylinder water adapt. Afterward run the hot water at a faucet and gauge the temperature using a thermometer. In the event you must make alterations, wait another day before re-measuring the temperature.

3- Fit a cylinder thermostat.

Should you not have a cylinder thermostat, consider having one fitted for added savings. A cylinder thermostat reduces the demand in your boiler by telling it to fire only when the water falls below the desired temperature.

Great to understand.

60degC continues to be hot enough to scald exposed people and kids. For added security, have thermostatic mixing valves and showers. These devices make certain the water coming from the faucet doesn’t exceed a preset temperature.

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