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Lower your heating bills by draught-proofing your house.


why ?

Air flows are common around doors, windows, conduits directing outside, attic hatches, and keyholes and letterboxes. By preventing these flows, draught-proofing can cut your heat bill by 10%.

Steps :

Using affordable materials from a neighborhood DIY shop, you can draught-evidence substantially of your house yourself. You can generally finish the job in a day, making this an easy weekend job. The most effective draught-proofing substances will have a Kitemark that says they are certified to British Standards.


1-Reduce air leakage in the base of exterior doors.

-Against the base of the doorway, put a rolled up towel for a no cost alternative.

-For a low cost option, purchase a draught excluder — a tube of fabric full of batting or make, dried legumes, or legumes.

-For a more long-term alternative, install a metal or plastic strip with a brush or wiper in the bottom of the door.


Most ironmongers sell covers that obstruct mortise lock keyholes.

3-Letter Box Must Be Covered

Various letterbox draught excluders are offered in the marketplace.

-Letterbox brushes produce a seal that obstructs draughts but lets the post.

-An option to the letterbox brush is the draught-proof letter plate that fits in the rear of the door to cover the opening.

4-Obstruct draughts around doors.

-Self-stick compressible foam is simple to set up. Simply cut the strip to the right span using press and a  pair of scissors against the borders of any doors that want draughtproofing.

-For a more-lasting option, install wiper or brush seals — plastic or alloy strips with wipers or brushes    around the borders of the doors.


Windows may be sealed with several kinds of stuff.

The most affordable choices are rope caulk or self adhesive compressible foam strips, like the self adhesive foam.

For greater durability, consider plastic or metal strips that have wipers or brushes . Brush strips are the best choice in case you have sliding sash windows.

For those who have secondary glazing in your windows, just add draught stripping to the first window frames, not to the secondary glazing.

Pipe Work

Little holes around conduits may be sealed with silicone fillers.

For bigger openings use enlarging polyurethane foam, available in the majority of DIY and plumbing supply stores.

Loft Hatch

Treat your attic hatch exactly the same manner you’d seal an outside door.

Other openings and air leaks

You might find your home useful to burn a stick of incense and watch where the smoke flows to discover other draughts in it.

Additionally, try to find openings in regions where different materials meet, including where the electricity and gas mains leave your house, and where brick and wood trim, between the base and also the walls, between the chimney and siding meet.

Little openings may be full of silicone sealant while bigger openings are filled with expanding polyurethane spray foam.

Professional Option

If you’re not a DIYer, you can employ a professional draught-proofing service for around GBP200. Professionals could have the ability to save you more money on energy bills as they are going to have the ability to recognize the most effective materials for your house, though more expensive. Professional installers can be found by you through the Draught Proofing Advisory Association as well as the National Insulation Association.

What To Find

Check the labels to determine which materials are appropriate for the surfaces you plan to seal and whether the material is for indoor or outdoor use.

Good To Understand

Draught comes in various lengths and widths, thus make sure before you shop for materials to take measurements.To

Save cash over the future, pick draught made of metal, vinyl, or polypropylene. These substances will survive more than foam that is less expensive.

Be sure to have sufficient ventilation in rooms with gas fire or an open fire. Air flow is needed by fires to burn.

More Benefits

Lower heat bills. If you draught-proof your house, you will have the ability to turn the thermostat down and lower your statement. Your bill cans cut by 10%.

Greater relaxation. Draught-proofing is able to make your house more comfortable by keeping sound, dust, and water outside

Financial incentives

Make use of the Energy Saving Trust grant finder to find out in the event you meet the requirements for any local or national grant schemes.

Draught-proofing stuff will be charged at a reduced rate of VAT.

Should you get income-related benefits, you could qualify for the Warm Front Scheme, worth up to GBP3,500 in insulation and heat improvements.

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