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Set your thermostat for economies and relaxation



Warming your house accounts for about 60% of your energy bill. By turning the heat down while you are sleeping or when you are away, you can cut your heating bills.


Turn your thermostat down by 1degC when you are at home to lower your heating costs by up to 10%.

Here are some other methods to lower your energy bill:

1-Turn the heat down by 5degC when you are sleeping or out of the home.

2-Dress for the season.

Wear another jumper or utilize an additional blanket to remain warm in colder months.

3-Just warm the rooms you use.

Switch off the heat in rooms you are not using in case your radiators are equipped with thermostats.

4-Programme your heat.

These devices let you programme what temperature you would like in your rooms and when want to get the heat to go on. The boiler turns back on when the thermostat discovers the room has cooled off.

Good To Understand

It is a standard misconception that it is more affordable to leave your heat on all day. The expense of the warm up interval remains considerably less than keeping the boiler while the boiler will need to use more electricity to heat up cold water.

Also, turning your thermostat higher than your desired temperature is not going to make the boiler heat up any. You will risk squandering energy in the event you forget to turn the thermostat back down in the event you do it.

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